Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

New writing.  New direction for me.  Feedback welcomed.


Spooky Regards,

Bone Mother Belle


ENDLESS 03/18/2018

If you were to ask me,

how I felt about thee,

I could not give one answer,

But I would give many,

My feelings for you are bottomless,

it depths like oceans,

My passion for you,

scorches the dry earth in flames,

A bountiful cornucopia of emotions,

All about you,

At the edges of the world,

I will wait to catch you,

When your soul is torn asunder,

I will love thee,

When you fall to your knees,

by the burdens you carry,

I will love thee,

When you take your last breath,

upon my kiss,

I will love thee,

So you will know in the end,

even in death I loved thee.

© 2018 T.B. Morte 




Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

It’s been a long while I know.  Word webs have slowly been forming.  Thank you for your incredible patience.  “Tragedienne” isn’t dead just have taken several “pit stops” on an unexpected journey. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Spooky Regards,

Bone Mother Belle ❤



I am your beautiful tragedy,

To be played over and over,

The song that seems unending,

A horror that grows,

This is our  nightmare,

Your doing,

Is my undoing,


Look deeply into the darkness,

Feel the sorrow in your heart,

Listen to the requiem,

The song of your beautiful tragedy,

Look at what you have done to me,

Do you see the monster that you have made?

Are you now afraid?

To end the song,

Of your beautiful tragedy?

©2018  T.B. Morte 

The Entreating Chronicles#1 “THE QUIBBLE QUASMS OF BELLE MORTE”

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Greetings fellow spooks & ghouls.  Some random short pieces I decided to put together as possible ongoing compilation of “shorties” its a new year.  Time for a new outlook.  Enjoy the following tidbits.  As always feedback appreciated.


Bone Mother Belleen ❤



“Forgiveness. The scale you measure of the hurtful act that was done to be measured against the something that you love. There was a moment of falter, a cut so deep the impenetrable became the penetrated. The emotion of true sorrow felt so fluid embedded into entire psyche. If you love something you must love its evil as well as it’s innocence. To love only one part, one cannot love truly. You must accept the wiles,observe the hurt and measure the scale consciously. Forgiveness and love you must embrace to the bitterest of ends” ~T. B. Morte  © 2017~



“What is black? A color so deep and engulfing it swallows light whole. Born from the shadows, nothing can be seen inside it. So black are the hearts of the fallen the weak are unable to fathom loving them. So dark were the souls of the broken the brave could not help but love them against all odds.”~ T.B. Morte © 2017 ~



“Love your Hero, and love them well. For they have the spirit of giants and the bravery of fools. They will love what they endear so brutally, they will avenge any slight against them at all costs. They will carry you upon a broken back, they will be your shield, they will be your iron cladded will and word. But if you were to mock the love the Hero gives, you have foolisheartedly committed a most heinous act. You have broken their spirit. The hero then can no longer sing with shine, the song is now tainted, darkness slowly encrypted. The fool must now think of the catastrophe they have unleashed. They have morphed the Hero into a Villain.” ~T.B. Morte © 2017~

The Seven

Omnibus in SPD Foro:

The Bone Mother returns with fresh bones for the garden.  The inspiration for this is a bit unknown but my Muse whispered these sweet words into my ear.  Please enjoy the scribings and give feedback.



The Seven 09/20/2015

When “Darkness” she wept- even in the dead shades of day she wept. There was nothing to ease the pain no balm to soothe over an already charred heart. Only the ice left in her veins gave the comfort to continue to tread on.

There was “Silence” as she stood in the silhouette of the hallowed halls. Ignored as she stood in plain view but no one ever noticed her. Bright as the cosmic stars her glow began to fade slowly until there nothing left but a bare whisper. It was not until she had fled to the corner where she was finally noticed. Too late to redeem Silence no longer had the desire to speak.

Forever the playful “Regret” paid a dear price for being carefree. Thought to be the most adored, she walked about to and fro without calamity. Once so beloved by her one true love, her fall from grace was most tragic. Once the wife now forever someone’s mistress.

Dear sweet twins “Envy & Vanity” had a tumultuous relationship. Taking sibling rivalry to its greatest extent. Envy always wanted what Vanity had. Vanity tried to love her twin but could only love herself- incapable of loving others. Vanity loved herself so in turn Envy loved only Vanity.

Willful “Pride” was considered the stubborn one. Unbent, unbroken, and untamed. Her spirit contained a supernova of fire, wind, and fury. Her beauty matched her fiery temper. Many tried to quell the flames and all failed leaving Pride lonely and left to face the flames alone.

There was a something so dark and sinister -she was only summoned for vengeful purposes. They called her “Torment” a banshee of many forms her expertise was to avenge others by any means necessary. Through the halls you could hear Torment’s wail-her battle cry that could make blood freeze and stop one’s heart cold. She would avenge her sisters and all of their wrongs. For being a professional killer was the only thing she knew-the only thing she was good at. Was destruction.

©2015  T.B. Morte