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T.B. Morte (Tragedienne Altessa Belleen Camille de’ Morte) is a amateur writer of gothic  poetry and other forms of writing, she has  started working on her first full length fantasy novel tentatively titled “Human Skin”.  She received her writing education from the school of Tolkien hard knocks and hanging about the crypts of Edgar Allan Poe,  Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and the great Emily Dickinson.  After fifteen years of writing poetry, T.B. Morte decided to venture into other forms of writing.  Which would include fan fiction, short stories, and the attempt to write novels.  In addition to writing, T.B. Morte is an avid collector of Fantasy Art along with also being a Consultant on both Fantasy Art and Costuming, T.B.Morte also a huge fan of history especially the Roman Empire, and the Victorian Era, the card game canasta, and also plays the game known as “Second Life”,  also participates in bird watching.  She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States along with her roommate and two cats-Avalonne & Baboo.  For commissions she can be contacted at bellesfrost (at) gmail (dot) com or










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