The Fallen Queen

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

A follow-up to my recent alternate Snow -White fairy tale. From the POV of “The Sweet Prince”.  Enjoy ❤ Belleen


The Fallen Queen 09/13/2016

Dark was my heart,

pale was her skin,

she loved me still,

it echoed through me,

Would she love me still,

if she really understood,

that I was more monster than man,

Damned beyond forgiveness,


I am no longer the Prince,

But an aconite of lust,

The vassal of the Queen,

made of flesh and bone,

Her whim is my command,

No matter how perverse,

Its the only world I know,

This cascade of  exquisite darkness,


The Queen was captured,

My beloved made sure of that,

Her wrath swaddled in justice,

As my captor was made to dance in hot irons,

Her cries brought  a silent agony,

Our endgame  destroyed too soon,


She will slowly die,

And I along with her,

My sweet Princess,

Can she feel my secret pain?

Will she love me still,

If she knew the truth,

That I loved the woman,

who is dying in the fire,


The princess whose pale as snow,

Conquered the fallen queen,

But destroyed the heart of  what she claimed to have loved the most,

The Prince  the creature of the Queen.


©2016 T.B. Morte







The Sweet Prince

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

The Bone Mother returns with a fresh helping of bones for the garden!  Returning to  my fairy tale roots with a interesting twist to “Snow White & Prince Charming”.  I decided to go with prose format to give a more haunted tone.  This is dedicated to a very special person my waifchu a London Amaterasu-Hecate an incredible person I met at a very cool place.  Thank you London for being my rock and anchor in the stormy seas ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


The Sweet Prince 08/30/2016

Did I know him?
They would ask me,
Should I laugh at these curious inquiries?
Or do I frown in scorn?
Of course I knew him,

You all know the tale,
The royal children,
The princess whose skin was pale as snow,
The prince whose destiny was to be charming,
Our parents celebrating our future before we could crawl,

When mother died,
Our destiny bound tighter,
As Father was determined to honor the pact,
So we grew up together,
Fighting and tumbling,
we did everything together,
Over the years our hearts grew fonder,

Then one day a stranger entered our kingdom,
Whose beauty was shrouded in mystery,
And there began my misery,
As she took everything away from me,
All I held dear,

My stepmother with her tricks of illusion,
Slowly killed my doting father,
Bound me in chains and slavery,
Leaving me to the whims of her pet Hunter,

But what I could not and will not forgive,
Is the breaking of my sweet prince,
Broken in spirit,
Twisted in mind,
Destroyed of heart,

Did I know him?
You would ask this of me?
I knew him the best,
Loved him the most,

I loved him,
Before the dwarves,
Before the poisonous apple,
Before I knew what love was,
I loved the Prince,

Even in madness,
As I no longer the see the charming prince,
But the creature the Queen has made,
Dark is his heart,
Pale is my skin,
I love him still.

©2016 T. B.Morte

The Snow Garden (New Fairy Tale Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


Here is a second helping preview of “When Once Upon A Dream”.  This is another poem.  The particular piece is indeed based off of Snow White.  It’s a POV from the Evil Queen when Snow White is still a child.  Its supposed to be poem that gives you chills as  you read.  Lets hope I was successful 🙂



Bone Mama Belle


The Snow Garden 08/10/2014

I see you playing in the garden,

full of innocence,

beaming the radiance,

of a perfect child,


Lips red as the rose,

Hair black as ebony,

Skin white as snow,


You are a beauty,

As far as looks would go,


Should I be jealous?


That one day your beauty,

could one day overpower mine?


The day will come,

when the populace will no longer speak of the Queen,

but boast of Snow White,


Or should I school you now,

in the price you will pay,

For the vanity you will inherit,


Shall I be cruel?

Or should I be most kind?


Neither choice will earn your love,

Not that I want your affections,


I crave your fear,

as well as your despair,

And ultimately your beauty,


Lips red as the rose,

Hair black as ebony,

Skin white as snow,


So I will watch you play in the garden,

As a wolf watches a doe,

Waiting for the moment to strike,

which will be years to come,


Then everyone will see,

Who really is the fairest of them all. © T.B. Morte 


From the Collection : “When Once Upon A Dream ” ©  T.B. Morte 2014

Snow becomes Red (The Snow In the Garden) ***New Fairy Tale Poem***

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


This is a preview piece of my new WIP (tenatively titled “When Once Upon A Dream”)  It is going to be a fairy tale anthology of poetry, short stories, and nursery rhymes told from a “dark” perspective.


The selection below is my version of “Snow White & Rose Red”  originally written by the Brothers Grimm.



Bone Mama Belle



The Snow in the Garden 08/10/2014

“What one has she must share with the other.”


It was a line our Mother often said.


She spoke it when we were children,

small and petite when we really

did love one another,


She reminded us when we grew older,

when we were no longer small but

sprouts that grew taller,

And our affection towards one another had

diminished some,


She demanded this of us,

when we became young women,

And our hearts were subject to the whims of men,

The love between two sisters faded into memory,


As the years have gone by,

seasons change,

as has my perspective,


I no longer love the person,

whose hand I held so dear,


I will break the vow,

I swore,


I promised to never leave you,

Never so long as we live,

My sweet sister,

Rose Red,


I leave you in the garden,

along with Mother,

Dead and buried,

both done by my own hand,


For I could not share with you,

The Kingdom,

The Crown,

Or The Glory,


There can only be one Queen,

Her name is Snow White,

And not Rose Red.

© T.BMorte 


From the Anthology Collection:  “When Once Upon A Dream” © T.B. Morte 2014