The Entreating Chronicles#1 “THE QUIBBLE QUASMS OF BELLE MORTE”

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Greetings fellow spooks & ghouls.  Some random short pieces I decided to put together as possible ongoing compilation of “shorties” its a new year.  Time for a new outlook.  Enjoy the following tidbits.  As always feedback appreciated.


Bone Mother Belleen ❤



“Forgiveness. The scale you measure of the hurtful act that was done to be measured against the something that you love. There was a moment of falter, a cut so deep the impenetrable became the penetrated. The emotion of true sorrow felt so fluid embedded into entire psyche. If you love something you must love its evil as well as it’s innocence. To love only one part, one cannot love truly. You must accept the wiles,observe the hurt and measure the scale consciously. Forgiveness and love you must embrace to the bitterest of ends” ~T. B. Morte  © 2017~



“What is black? A color so deep and engulfing it swallows light whole. Born from the shadows, nothing can be seen inside it. So black are the hearts of the fallen the weak are unable to fathom loving them. So dark were the souls of the broken the brave could not help but love them against all odds.”~ T.B. Morte © 2017 ~



“Love your Hero, and love them well. For they have the spirit of giants and the bravery of fools. They will love what they endear so brutally, they will avenge any slight against them at all costs. They will carry you upon a broken back, they will be your shield, they will be your iron cladded will and word. But if you were to mock the love the Hero gives, you have foolisheartedly committed a most heinous act. You have broken their spirit. The hero then can no longer sing with shine, the song is now tainted, darkness slowly encrypted. The fool must now think of the catastrophe they have unleashed. They have morphed the Hero into a Villain.” ~T.B. Morte © 2017~

Your Suicidal Doll

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

A new offering of bones for the garden please enjoy the following selection.  Feedback always appreciated.


Spooky regards,

Bone Mother Belle ❤


Your Suicidal Doll 05/31/2017

Into the abysmal night she flew,

away from the gossamer webs,

far from the shadows of pale light,

The doll ran far away,

It was all she could do,

To hide the truth,

So that no one could see,

That the doll was falling apart,

Imperfections that could no longer be masked,

Everyone would see the ugly truth,

There would be whispers,

Words that traveled,

A reputation ruined that was held dear,

So into the abysmal night she flew,

To find her oblivion,

No one would care,

No being would grieve,

She will only be remembered,

By the way she so deceived,

And so into the night she flew,

To find a death that was worthy,

The worth of a doll.

© 2017 T.B. Morte



In The Wood

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


My take on Goldilocks and the Three bears. Enjoy\m/


 In The Wood 09/18/2016

Beware the bears they said,

Over and over,

Spoken over the years,

Beware the bears,

They favor those with golden hair,

It was a myth,

I gathered nothing to fear,

So into the woods,

In the cover of darkness,

I made with abandoned haste,

In the heart of the woods,

I found myself,

I was lost,

I was alone,

Beware the bears,

They would  say,

They prey over those whose locks are gold,

I heard a footstep,

where everything else was silent,

Taking a sharp intake of breath,

As I heard a  bloodcurdling growl,

that sent shivers down my spine,

Turning slowly my eyes widened with fear,

There was the monster,

The bears were quite real,

Long was her brown hair,

Eyes were blue,

As she looked at me,

And I looked at her,

There were others that joined her,

Mirror images,

Long was their brown hair,

Eyes that were blue,

All female,

They accosted me,

coddled me,

whispered in a tongue,

I could barely understand,

as they kept touching my hair,

my golden ringlets,

I stayed in the forest,

beware the bears they said,

I learned their was nothing to fear,

Long was their brown hair,

Eyes that were blue,

Gold was my hair,

as were my cubs too.

© 2016  T.B. Morte




Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales 07/27/2016

Dead men tell no tales,

At least that is what has been told to thee,

As my love and I oscillated towards the sea,

Further into the waves we danced to and fro,

The kelp wrapping around  our ankles,

While cuttlefish tickled our toes,

Further into the sea we were pulled,

I was not afraid for I felt at home,

As I looked into my lover’s eyes,

Beguiled he was deeply enchanted ,

Failed to noticed the water levels had risen,

Or that my form had changed,

My legs gone replaced by spined fish tail,

Propelling us deeper into the ocean,

I heard my love cry out as his lungs were filled with salt water,

The lack of oxygen did him in,

Pity my jolly sailor bold,

As he went  limp in my arms,

I released my love and watched his body float towards the depths below,

Pity that he loved  a siren,

His story will be kept silent forever by his death,

For a dead man cannot tell a mermaid’s tale.

©2016 T.B. Morte



Death Of A Star

Death Of A Star 02/07/2016

You said once that you looked upon me like a star,

bright and luminous,

a supernova of cosmic wonder,


Over the passages of time,

when arguments and calamity,

replaced our passion,


You no longer saw a star,

you saw a broken visage,

battle weary,

bruised by tears and arguments,

stitched back together over and over,


Unable to fix the heartache,

You left your star behind,

To suffer a death so powerful,

More everlasting than the star’s life.


©2016 T.B. Morte

From the Collection “Spellbound Diavolina Morbidia”



Most Newest Poem

Omnibus in foro S.P.D. It would seem the Bone Mamma is trying to make a comeback.  This here is my most newest poem.  Feedback as always appreciated! *smiles*

Spooky Regards,

Bone Mamma Belle

Unbinding 02/03/2014

On this day,

I do unwind,

the ties between you and I,

On this day, ends the journey where it began,

This anniversary of undoing,

On this day, I shall sever,

what brought you and I together,

Setting aflame the ties that bind,

For now and ever,

Several years ago back when,

You were mine,

And I was thine,

Several years later,

I am not who I was back then,

And I see the reflection clearly in the mirror,

Of what was always in front of me,

Your love I could claim never,

On this day by twilight’s dawn,

I undo the promise that was given broken,

For evermore you shall not have to linger,

I cast you away like a stranger,

For now and forever I am no longer thine,

and you are no longer mine.

©2014 Tragedienne Belle Morte

An Ode to Poe

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

As I found myself reading some Poe before bedtime last night.  I found myself traveling through my own poetic archives and found this goodie.  I wrote this about eight years ago but I have always loved it.  Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite authors of all time, and yes I had to give tribute.  I wrote this from the perspective of “Lenore” because I always wondered “what if’?  Please enjoy the following selection 🙂

Spooky Regards,

Bone Mamma Belle

Ode to Lenore’s Raven  07/10/2005

Once upon a midnight dreary, while he pondered weak and weary,

Over many quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore,

Due to his unfaithfulness,

On my deathbed did I decide to settle
the score,

Through the seven hells it heard my prayer,

And what appeared was a
sight far scarier,

Feathers black as pitch and eyes like fire,

It knew immediately my
utmost desire,

“May he know no peace,

may he forever be left in torment,

let madness

become his insanity” I spoke,

Quote the Raven as it replied “Nevermore”,

The nightmare began shortly after my demise,

When my once beloved

was merely sleeping,

then came the infamous tapping,

The tapping of his chamber door,

it was the beginning of so much more,

This foul craven creature performed its duty,

with absolute morbid glory,

My former lover had paid the price dearly,

 left insane for all eternity,

It’s a pity my agreement wasn’t stated more clearly,

What goes around indeed comes around,

the price paid for a woman being scorned,

Now I’m left with this feathered terror,

in a plagued abyss with no ending,

left forever with the raven’s cawing,

Uttering a single word, forever tormenting,

Quote the Raven as it sayeth “Nevermore”.

© 2005  Tragedienne Belle Morte Based Upon: “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe 

From The Collection “Plasmatic BloodFall”


Iced Hearts (Another Oldie Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

In the effort of trying to recapture “Sylphie” (yes my muse has a name) my poetic muse.  I am posting another older poem.  This gem came from a night of female scorn.  Hell hath  no fury like poet who has felt Cupid’s prickly quiver.  Enjoy the following selection  🙂

Pax Vobiscum,


 Iced Hearts 12/30/2005
My heart has been shattered,
my walls are being repaired. 

I’ll build the fort stronger so that you’ll no longer get in.

This is my body,

this is my blood,

no longer your temple. 

Find your worship elsewhere .

Isolation covered the snowstorm,

as bitterness solaces my heart.

These storm of swords obliterated your houses of daggers,

 My army defeated the beasts within,

 My crown encased in ice ,  

touch it I dare.

My venom treacherous as dragons flames,

drink and beware. 

Your pretty poison covered in ribbons and lace, 

 Your rejection one tragic disgrace. 

Visages smitten with evil,

how it was all your choice. 

 This is my soul,

this is my darkness,

no longer your salvation.

A guidance against the beams of radiant light.

Your torment,

your everlasting plague,

In the end you are left alone,

to serve the shame.

©2005 Tragedienne Belle Morte  from the Collection: “When Snowflakes Fall”


Rubicon (An Older Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Just finished scribbling down a rough draft for a new short story.  And I’m in the mood to possibly write some more new poetry.  So I’m raiding the vaults because it can be fun sometimes.

A poem I wrote three years ago.  Feedback and thoughts are appreciated 🙂

Rubicon 08/07/2010

I stand across this great river, my judgement hath been made.  The decisions of others, leads me to this tremendous moment.

For I am alone, a component Legion made of one intrepid soul.  My footing placed firmly on solid ground, I step into the forboding river’s flooded waters.

Knowing whats at stake, do I dare attempt to look back? Shall I tread forward towards the  welcoming waves?   Wading forward, the crashing of the impact.

Strikes the very essence of my soul, as memories sear my very core.

Today for the first time I walked tall,

I was someone else’s sibling,

I was a wailing mother’s child,

I’ve been called, drama, chaos, and disorder,

I was someone’s lover,

Someone loved me once,

I was an object of power,

Now powerless,

Casting aside otherworldly matters,

I cross this Rubicon into nothing and beyond.

©2010 Tragedienne Belle Morte