Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales 07/27/2016

Dead men tell no tales,

At least that is what has been told to thee,

As my love and I oscillated towards the sea,

Further into the waves we danced to and fro,

The kelp wrapping around  our ankles,

While cuttlefish tickled our toes,

Further into the sea we were pulled,

I was not afraid for I felt at home,

As I looked into my lover’s eyes,

Beguiled he was deeply enchanted ,

Failed to noticed the water levels had risen,

Or that my form had changed,

My legs gone replaced by spined fish tail,

Propelling us deeper into the ocean,

I heard my love cry out as his lungs were filled with salt water,

The lack of oxygen did him in,

Pity my jolly sailor bold,

As he went  limp in my arms,

I released my love and watched his body float towards the depths below,

Pity that he loved  a siren,

His story will be kept silent forever by his death,

For a dead man cannot tell a mermaid’s tale.

©2016 T.B. Morte




My Latest Poem

Tragedienne Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


This s my latest poem, it was commissioned by a friend.  They wanted me to do a “Dark Mermaid” poem.  So I obliged, the elements that inspired me were from the actual story “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen not the fluffyfied Disney version.  It’s dark, it’s beautiful, it’s tragic, its totally something I would write.  And they were beyond thrilled with the finished product. 🙂



Beneath The Deep 7/25/2012

Beneath the waves of the trembling sea,

In the ocean’s deep,

I made a choice,


My love who dwelt above,

And my life down below,

The old sea witch saw me weeping,

On the sea bed’s floor,

Struck a bargain that would cost me dearly,


Was not hard to choose the course of fate,

To sever the ties that kept me seabound,

My voice for legs that can touch the ground,

When I reached the beached sands,

My beloved found me thus,


By the next tide,

I’ll be my beloved’s bride,

And so it was promised,

By the wind, sea, and salt,

I was confident my beloved,

Looked past my one fault,


The lack of voice,

What branded me Siren,

Princess of the mighty sea,


By darkest night,

By every fallen star,

My rival crept out the ocean,

Unbeknownst to me,

Carrying my greatest gift,

And took what meant

The most dear,


My beloved,

Who looked at me with scorn,

Who felt I was useless and mute,

Loved my rival under the guise of

deadly spells,


I could say nothing,

Give no warning,

And so foe wed beloved,

My remaining shell shattered,


Grief my only consort,

Hatred my only solace,

My lamentation left me wasted,

These costly legs could no longer

Carry me,

Death beckoned becoming the inevitable,


So the Mermaid died,

Far from shore,

Far from her Father,

The mighty ocean,


Now only a shadowy spirit,

Haunting what cost her everything,

Her dearly beloved.

 ©Tragedienne Belle Morte 2012