The Entreating Chronicles#1 “THE QUIBBLE QUASMS OF BELLE MORTE”

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Greetings fellow spooks & ghouls.  Some random short pieces I decided to put together as possible ongoing compilation of “shorties” its a new year.  Time for a new outlook.  Enjoy the following tidbits.  As always feedback appreciated.


Bone Mother Belleen ❤



“Forgiveness. The scale you measure of the hurtful act that was done to be measured against the something that you love. There was a moment of falter, a cut so deep the impenetrable became the penetrated. The emotion of true sorrow felt so fluid embedded into entire psyche. If you love something you must love its evil as well as it’s innocence. To love only one part, one cannot love truly. You must accept the wiles,observe the hurt and measure the scale consciously. Forgiveness and love you must embrace to the bitterest of ends” ~T. B. Morte  © 2017~



“What is black? A color so deep and engulfing it swallows light whole. Born from the shadows, nothing can be seen inside it. So black are the hearts of the fallen the weak are unable to fathom loving them. So dark were the souls of the broken the brave could not help but love them against all odds.”~ T.B. Morte © 2017 ~



“Love your Hero, and love them well. For they have the spirit of giants and the bravery of fools. They will love what they endear so brutally, they will avenge any slight against them at all costs. They will carry you upon a broken back, they will be your shield, they will be your iron cladded will and word. But if you were to mock the love the Hero gives, you have foolisheartedly committed a most heinous act. You have broken their spirit. The hero then can no longer sing with shine, the song is now tainted, darkness slowly encrypted. The fool must now think of the catastrophe they have unleashed. They have morphed the Hero into a Villain.” ~T.B. Morte © 2017~

Bring a Smile yet Carry a Shovel

Tragedienne Omnibus S.P.D.

As I am sure that it’s a requirement these days to introduce oneself these days.  The name is Tragedienne (Tragedy-Anne) a cute gothically styled word play for Raggedy-Anne. Is it a alias I go by?  Of course! My real name is rather drab and boring.  It does not bring shivers to the skin nor does it wake the blood. Nothing, zilch, nil, absolutely nada.

Who is Tragedienne?

A 30 something (Early 30-something btw) who is a Gothic Writer/Poet, Fantasy Art Collector, Nightmare Before Christmas Fanatic, Lives on BBC,  Loves Shoes,  A Song of Ice & Fire Fanatic , Canasta Player,  Classical Literature-aholic, The Wayward Offspring of the Celts & Romans,  most importantly always keeping it Spooky the mantra to my life.  The Hero, The Angry Bunny, The White Queen who goes a little Red, Supposed Walking-Chaos, Loveable, Envied, Definitely Fun-Loving, Doom Princess. In a nutshell a very muti-faceted individual.

Residing in the state of the desert sun (Arizona) with a roommate and my cats. Slightly nomadic, a traveler, I see the world not through rose-colored glasses.  But many varying colors that borderline on the “Dark.”

I write, usually poetry and article writer for the YahooVoices Network (although not recently) however I’ve taken up the gig of novel writing. “Human Skin” is my Novel-In-Progress.  After thirteen years of writing I’ve decided that I want to truly “live the dream” as they say.  So I’ll be posting a couple sample chapters, poetry, and other dreamscapes that come from Laboratory.  Stay tuned for the habadashery of good times to be had by all.

Stay tuned, grab a shovel, and come play in the Garden.

Keep it Spooky,

Tragedienne (Keeper of the Bones)