On the Eighth Day

On the Eighth Day 05/10/2016

On the eighth day she was given oblivion,

it was a solution to all the madness,

it was said it would take away all the pain,

On the seventh day she was given heartbreak,

she knew the way that knife could cut,

seductively and with precision along her skin,

On the sixth day she was given indecision,

the roads so twisted where one nightmare ended,

another nightmare began,

On the fifth day she was given temptation,

a beguiling gift of extravagant grandeur,

sweet was temptation but left her bitter,

On the fourth day she was given illusion,

the power to make everything beautiful,

hiding the marred with optical glamors,

On the third day she was given love eternally,

a gift she knew would not remain immortal,

Loved she did eternally  both a blessing and curse,

On the second day she was given Chaos,

A friend in discord was a friend indeed,

chaos and discord made great bedfellows,

On the first day she was given the knife,

the knife she kept close to her heart,

the knife to find her oblivion.

©2016 T.B. Morte





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