Deliverance (A Prequel Story)


This was a prequel story of “Human Skin” documenting the day of Krysanthe Starflower’s (the main Protagonist) of the novel “Human Skin” birth.  This is the POV from Krysanthe’s father, Lord Caesarion Starflower.  Later on will post that of her mother.




Deliverance 08/11/2013-08/18/2013

There was an eerie silence outside the maternity ward. Caesarion Starflower thought that seemed rather strange, although today seemed very different in general.  He could not describe why this day was different; it  simply was.  No sound of newborns crying, or   whispering of the  Medicus and their assistants talking to each other. No voices of excited parents or their families, no sounds of screaming mothers in the throes of labor pains.

There were no sounds at all, not since hours earlier, when one  woman wailed in deep misery: Caesarion’s own wife.


This was not Caesarion’s first trip to the delivery room, but he did entertain a small hope it would be his last.  In the hours previously, his wife had given birth to the couple’s fifth child. Even that, in the opinion of some, would be considered too many progeny.   “Three trips to the delivery room leading to five children, including a set of triplets, seemed like quite enough for anyone, particularly the Keeper of the Realm.”


But who was to tell the newly-appointed Keeper of the Northern Realm that he could not have as many offspring as he wanted?  The mantle had been passed on by his father, the now retired Lord Alexander, the second Keeper of the Realm . Caesarion was the third to hold the title  along with all the responsibilities that came with it.  To earn the title, Caesarion had fought countless battles as one of the Fianna, won the war against the Swan-kin, and provided the Starflower family with not only one son but  three.


Caesarion would rather have been in meetings with dignitaries or planning a battle with the  Fianna  than be stuck in the delivery room for the birth of yet another child. But still he was here. He had been in attendance for the birth of every one of his children, and this fifth child would be no exception. Never mind that there was already talk of child looking ”different,” that she had been born without the traditional Starflower family traits. There would be talk of the questioning of the child’s fey-kin heritage, which would of course be squashed.


Staring into the  window of the nursery, he could see his newest babe.  She was swaddled in pink blankets identifying her gender.  Solemnly she slept without the aid of a pacifier. In Caesarion’s experience, that was a rare ability.  His four other children required one immediately after being parted from their mother after being born.  Caesarion could see the child’s barely-there wisps of blonde hair. It was not the traditional ice-blonde locks the Starflowers were known for.  As if the baby could tell she was being looked upon, slowly she opened her sapphire-colored eyes.


Sapphire eyes.  His wife’s eyes.  With this child, Lady Melusina’s genes were very strong, which could be damning depending on who  was speaking.   A million thoughts ran inside Caesarion’s head all at once.


Suddenly Caesarion heard a familiar voice behind him, echoing his unspoken thoughts .


“How many trips to the maternity ward are you and Melusina going to be making, brother?” Lord Augustus asked.


“I thought with the triplets it was going to stop,” Caesarion said with a dry chuckle.


“Think of it as celebrating your newest appointment. Keeper of the Realm,” Lord Augustus responded with the same dry humor.


“Then we are both celebrating it, Prime Commander,”  Caesarion acknowledged with a smile.   Augustus Starflower was Caesarion’s younger and only brother.  He had been  appointed Prime Commander by their father of the entire Northern Realm’s army. Keeping track and control over an entire  army was no small feat.


“Your newest  pixie is beautiful. She looks like a replica of Melusina.  She will grow up to be a great beauty,” Augustus  remarked.


“Yes, I know.” Caesarion answered  quickly.


“Although I notice the obvious lack of platinum blonde in those wisps of hair, my brother.  And those eyes are not the Starflower turquoise…”


“Melusina says she was born with golden blonde hair, and as she grew older, her hair changed to raven black.” Caesarion cut in.


“So this time around, Melusina’s genes are dominant, you think?”


“What do you think?  Why have you come here, brother?” Caesarion asked, annoyed.


“Why, to see my newest niece, of course! Besides, little Meridia here wanted to see her new cousin as well.” Augustus pointed down to the child next to him.


Caesarion looked down, almost embarrassed.  He hadn’t even notice that his brother had brought his only child.  Three-year-old Meridia Starflower looked up at Caesarion with her beautiful turquoise eyes.  Her elvish ears had were sticking out, her hair placed behind them.  The ears marked her as a true Feykin child. She looked strikingly similar to Caesarion’s four other children.


“Hello Tatü,” Meridia said, smiling.


“Why hello, Meridia. I did not see you there,”  Caesarion said plainly.


Augustus lifted his little daughter into his arms so that she could get a better view of the newborn behind the glass.


“What do you think of your new cousin?” Augustus asked his daughter.


“She looks different,”  Meridia said, squinting.


Caesarion was suddenly not looking forward to the responses his four other children were going to give him when they would be finally brought in to see their newest sibling.


Augustus was determined to acknowledge what his brother Caesarion refused to say out loud.  “Melusina’s genes were examined quite heavily before your marriage.  That recessive gene of the  Stormholme family is nearly non-existent, but that does not mean it cannot re-appear,” Augustus began.


“I am aware, brother.  And I will tell you and whoever else may decide to think of such a thing.


My daughter is not a human-kin. No child of mine is a human,” Caesarion, Keeper of the Northern Realm, declared.


©2013 Tragedienne Belle Morte













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