It’s A Gloom Thing

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

A small fan fic inspired by a friend.  Enjoy!


BoneMama Belle


It’s A Gloom Thing  1/18/2016

Another year had gone by,

and we heard the call,

The Count gathered the deranged and the undead,

For the Monster’s Ball,


When the party opened,

Banshees sang,

The sounds of zombie’s running,

Was lovely indeed,

if you’re into pandemonium,


The werewolf was in the swamps,

Digging for bones,

The Mummy was in the mausoleum,

Dancing with some vixens,


And where was Frankenstein,

with old King Drake,

On the dance floor,

with every available female ghoul,

ignoring the mates that made them



There she was in her own corner,

Eyes demonic and unwaivering,

curves that flowed unending,

Skin pale as death itself,

freshly dead,

sleek and so unique,


Oscillated to where she stood,

not by choice,

As if some unspoken command,

struck my bolts core,

It was not just the Count,

who had the powers of hypnotism,


And so there I was on my knees,

as she bade to me rise,

Whilst she spoke the words,

“A lamenting bride knows a tormented bride”,

Dracula and Frankenstein closer than before,

As we kissed under the dim strobelight,

and later the dungeons,

We’re a thing,

Of the death, love, and gore,

A gloom thing.


The Collection “Spellbound Diavolina Morbidia”

©2016 T.B. Morte (Tragedienne Belleen Morte)







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