Untitled #346 (When Monster Left)

Untitled #346 (When Monster Left)

Untitled #346 (When Monster Left)


It was there, as it had always been,

Faithful, loyal, always welcoming with open arms,

Always forgiving,

No matter how many times the monster left,

In search of something better,

She always believed there was something in rays of light,

its shimmer so deceptive,

A snake so lovely,

a million prisms of color,

united in a specter of beauty,

She wanted it,

She craved it,

It noticed her,


The light had found a new pawn,

And as Monster entered its welcoming maze,

how darkness grieved,

How it died over and over by Monster’s hand,

Done willingly,


In hopes of something greater,

In the end,

The light could never love the monster,

when there was the princess in the tower,

waiting for her shining light of glory,

The monster was wild and always in fury,

When the monster was finally made broken,

her heart removed from her body by own volition,

she crawled back to the darkness,

in true sorrow,

she was forgiven,

but reminded that she had loved the light more than the light would ever love her,

This torment she must live with,

for even darkness had its moments of cruelty.

©2015 T.B. Morte from the collection “Spellbound Diavolina Morbidia”


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