The Story of Pride:( Vol. II of “The Seven”) “When Pride humbly fell”

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The Story of Pride: Vol. II of “The Seven” (“How Pride Fell’)

It is often said  that it’s the cover-up of the crime that gets you caught.  Not the actual crime itself.  This was something that she secretly wished.  Which was her no good husband would have at least the decency to cover up he was having an affair.

Not to blatantly admit to her and in the presence of their therapist during a couple’s session.  What was the idiot thinking?  Or not thinking rather? As Dr. Vonnerman scribbled furiously in his tablet, the more her husband seemed to spout off his adulterous actions. She could not help but feel bewildered.  Maybe it was more the combination of shocked, spurned, and scorned.  All the elements to a rightfully wronged woman.  Or at least from her perspective it was.  She continued to stare at her partner in half disbelief and pure fury.

“And how does that make you feel Johan?” Dr. Vonnerman asked as he kept writing..

“It makes me feel?  How do you think I feel when my wife shows no affection at all.  This is not a new issue, we’ve discussed this in session before.  I mean the only time I get any reaction out of her-is when she is pissed off.  It is like being married to a volcano.  Days of inactivity and then suddenly she erupts uncontrollably.”

“I see.” Dr. Vonnerman said in a grave tone as he looked at the truly unhappy couple.  Privately  she always thought that the good Doctor got his jinks while watching them bicker on a weekly basis.  How many people did that man “observe” each week and if his other clients paid him as much as they did.

“Stolze. Your thoughts?”

“I am not Stolze.  My name is Pride.”  Pride answered out loud.

“See there she goes.  That horrible nickname.  Why do you like to be called Pride?”  Johan interjected exasperated.

“My Mother gave me that name.”

“A mother and a family I have yet to meet.” Johan pointed out.

Rolling her eyes Pride ignored him as usual.  “Who me? I’m not sure why Johan is complaining.It isn’t as if he is not taken care of.”  Pride responded in a deadpan tone.

“Money buys me everything except a loving wife. You see what I am talking about Doc?  There’s a wall there.”

“Johan…..”  Pride growled.

“A fiery wall of attitude.” Johan continued determined he was going to finish what he had to say.

As the supposed love of her life continued on his self indignant tirade how she had emotionally cuckolded him into cheating. Pride drowned out  Johan’s voice and the soothing dulcet tones of the Doctor.  Johan was sadly Pride’s seventh husband and honestly her seventh failure.  Pride had hoped this was her last go round with holy matrimony.  Perhaps it was finally time to concede that in the end she simply “Did not play well with others.”  Especially others that decided adultery was a legitimate option.

This was something her own Mother often said .  Pride just took it as maternal teasing.  But now perhaps it was true maybe Mother really did know best. Pride wished her parent  was here to give some wisdom.  Yet she knew that her Mother would not come to her aid, she did not come  the first six times.  What would make the seventh time any different?

And so Pride sat in her chair with her hands folded neatly.  As Johan called her every name in the book from “Ice Queen, hot-head, selfish bitch” so forth and so on.  Nothing that Pride had not heard before.

“You see Doc.  It’s not even affecting her. Just look at her face.  It’s like nothing is there.”  Johan rambled.

“Have you two thought of possible separation?  Divorce perhaps?”

“I would never divorce him Doctor.” Pride said hotly.

“Of course she won’t divorce me. It’s a game to her. Stolze won’t love me but cannot stand to let me be with someone else.”

“A control issue.” Dr. Vonnerman mumbled as he started scribbling again.

“See even our therapist thinks you are a control freak.”

This had become too much for Pride to take.  The accusations, the malignant name-calling Johan threw at her. When they married five years ago she told him how hard it was for her to show love.  That was her nature the very fiber of her being.  It could not be undone unless by the gods themselves. Of course it helped sealing the marriage deal  flashing vast wealth before Johan’s eyes. Did not take much for the bastard to quickly say “I thee wed”.

“I want someone to avenge me.” Pride said purely casual.

Both Johan and the Doctor looked at Pride in pure confusion.

“Yes Stolze.  You need someone to come save you.  Because it certainly can not be me.”

The lights in the office began to flicker.  In a off and on pattern as if someone was playing with them.  A wave of eerie crept into the room as both spouse and therapist shifted nervously in their seats.  Pride still sat calmly as if nothing unusual was going on.

“The twins. That means she is also here”.  Pride said only to herself.

“So Doc you paid the utilities this month?” Johan asked with a dry chuckle.

“Of course he did dear.  It’s not like  we aren’t paying him enough to fix our broken marriage.” Pride responded as she stood up.

And just like that.  There they were.  The deadly three.  Her three sisters all clad in black. The twins Vanity and Envy gave Pride a knowing look while the eldest said nothing.  Set to the task.  The oldest raised a gloved hand pointed towards the Doctor. The twins pounced on him like happy kittens.

“Money can’t prescribe happiness.” Squealed Vanity as she snapped the Doctor’s neck with  a turn of her wrist.

Although quick work had been made of Dr. Vonnerman. The twins played tug-of-war with his corpse until his head had been ripped off. Hot blood splayed like a powerful fountain covering everyone in the room including Johan.  Who had sat motionless during the twin’s bloodthirsty onslaught.  Johan screamed in pure terror.

“They just ripped his head off!!”  Johan screamed over and over.

“Your turn.” Pride quietly mumbled.

Except to Pride’s dismay.  Her husband was somehow being kept alive.  As much as Pride did not want to look at her oldest sister. She forced herself  to look at the angel of death in the flesh.

“Torment.  Why is he still alive?”

“It seems number seven was not so lucky after all.” Torment  answered ignoring the question.

“Apparently not.  You are however deflecting my question.”

“Six times I have done this for you.  Your dirty work.  Every century or so you get some silly notion in your head to marry an absolute idiot.  Then when it all goes to hell, you summon me to come kill them. My sister I am not sure if widowhood becomes you.”

“Oh but I thought this was your thing.  Avenging all our wrongs. I’m just providing fodder sis. You did after all make a promise.”  Pride reminded.

“I said I would avenge you of any wrong done to you.” As Torment’s brow furled “Not avenge bad decisions.”

“What does this mean?”

“It means that if you want him dead.  Then you will have to kill him yourself.” Torment answered as she walked next to the twins giving a kick to the Doctors body in the process.

Torment reached inside her cloak and pulled out a shining silvered athame.  An athame was a dagger used in rituals.  It had been years since she seen one. As she watched Torment test its sharpness by massaging the blade with a gloved finger.  Torment then tossed the athame to Pride and stepped back whilst giving the “I’m waiting” expression.

“Torment you cannot possibly mean this.” Pride said in shocked disbelief.

“That I do.  You see my sister you have placed yourself on a pedestal of expectation.  And it is time for you to fall.  Because you see its easy to give the command  to take life.  Its altogether different  when you have to do it yourself. Finish him and come home.”

“What the hell is wrong with you women?” Johan shouted.

The four sisters just looked at  Johan as if he was interrupting something truly important.

“I’m calling the police!”

“Kill him.  We leave nothing to bear witness.” Torment urged.

“Requiscat in pace.” The twins said in unison.

Pride walked towards Johan and for a moment her face showed the emotion of sorrow.  Johan looked in surprise at what he had always wanted to see in his wife.  As Pride drove the Athame through his rib cage.  Johan crumbled into her arms.

“Widowhood makes a happy home.” Pride whispered as she became a widow for the final time.

©2015 From “The Seven Interlogues” T.B. Morte


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