The Story of Regret- ( Vol. I of “The Seven” )–“Rock-A-Bye-Sweetie”

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The Story of Regret: (Vol. I “The Seven”) — “Rock-A-Bye-Sweetie”

There she sat while she watched him wipe his hands.   “Sweetie” did it methodically as if the rivulets of blood was non-trivial.  In the end  it was her blood and she did not matter.  After “Sweetie” was done he turned to look her as if she was dirt.  This was nothing out of the usual nothing she did made him happy. In the corner there she huddled, she cringed, hoping that his work was done and that he would leave her alone for the time being.   It wasn’t as if he didn’t have other girls to go abuse.

“Sweetie” looked down to her on the floor and gave an exasperated sigh.  “Really Beda what am I going to do with you?”  He stared as if she was supposed to respond.  Yet she did not she had learned from her little sister that sometimes silence was the best answer.  He did not remove that snake like stare from his face which made her cringe even more.  Sweetie did not like it when she put up a struggle.

“Beda I am asking you a question.  Or are you too stupid to realize that?  Your client is not paying enough for the privilege of having you as his mistress.  Tell him if he wants to continue to have access to that sweet body of yours.  He needs to pay up. I don’t allow my Molls to give freebies.”

She never liked that word “Mistress” especially over the last five years it was a role she became more and more. Ever since Sweetie found her that’s what she did.  A chattel for the whims of men, to satisfy their lust, to be mounted, adored, and then discarded. When they were done she would return to Sweetie and he would find her someone but only if they paid well.

It wasn’t always like this- she wasn’t always with a abusive brute.  She was loved and cherished by the husband she had known since a youth.  It was a storybook life girl met boy they were childhood best friends and when they grew up they fell in love and got married. She had the best of everything but you know what they say “First comes love, then comes marriage, then there should be babies in the carriage” the lack of children shattered her husband’s world apart.  So divorce came and while she walked along the streets lost and alone there came Sweetie and found her.  Introduced her to the world of being a “Moll” where men would pay for her exquisite looks.

In the beginning Sweetie loved her ferociously their passion was nothing like what she had with her husband.  It was addicting and much to her dismay no matter how  much he beat her, how violent it got, she did not leave.  The other girls spoke of Pimps who treated their “Molls” like gold.  She was pretty enough maybe she could find one and leave “Sweetie”.  One who was bigger and meaner than “Sweetie” but would love her like she needed to be love.

He walked in short strides to where she was in the corner and he quickly grabbed her. His scent of cinnamon filled her nostrils with sudden desire.  “My beautiful nymph.” He whispered as he kissed her forehead and walked away to do whatever it is pimps do.  “Raising your rates with your boytoy you tell him or if I have to…”  The rest he did not finish nor did “Sweetie” have to she knew the implications all too well.

“My name is not Beda- its Regret”  she said only in her mind.  Being years since she had thought about her childhood nickname.   She never liked that name before and always found it annoying that her Mother had chosen unpleasant nicknames for all of her children.  But she embraced it now for carefree Beda had become the epitome of Regret.  It was as if her Mother had the foresight to know what her children would become.

She remembered a rhyme that her oldest sister often said.  “I will come when you most need me. I will avenge every wrong you have ever been wronged. But do not try to stop me.” It was in that exact moment there was a knock upon her chamber rooms door.

Pausing for a moment Regret got up and carefully opened the door.  There they were garbed head-to-toe in black. Regret shrieked at the sight of her three sisters in pure fright. It had been several years since she had seen any relative.  Why were they here?  The oldest sister was present, which turned Regret’s blood dead cold.  It could mean only one thing–that one had been summoned. Which made Regret gasp even more in horror.

“So glad you realize why I am here sister.” The oldest said coldly.

“Torment.” Regret answered in a whisper.

“And we’re here too.” Envy added.

“Envy and Vanity.” Regret sighed heavily.

Torment looked over at the Twins with an annoyed expression. “You two know what to do.”  The Twins saluted Torment and skipped away giggling.  Regret could only stand there for she knew it would be useless to even protest this. She did not want any part of the bloodbath that is about to take place.

“Why have you come sister?”

“You know why I am here.  I said I would come when you needed me. I made this promise centuries ago. Or have you forgotten?” Torment answered.

“I forget nothing.”

“Ah, but you have my sister.”  Torment hugged Regret and wiped the tear-stained face.  “You have forgotten what you are.  I am here to remind you.  You are not a whim to cater to men.  Its time to come home.”

“All these years I have not heard from you.  You left me alone all this time.” Regret said with accusation.

“That I did in hopes you would get a clue or two and get it together.  Obviously you needed some help in that direction.  Hence why I am here and well with some help from the self-absorbed duo.”

“Did you have to corrupt the Twins into being your henchmen?”

“Was there a better job for them?”

There was a moment of silence between the siblings for a moment. Regret flinched as she could hear “Sweetie” screaming. As his voice grew closer in distance she knew they were bringing him so she could bear witness to the horror. Regret would never forgive her sisters for doing this-never she swore.

Envy and Vanity dragged “Sweetie” in as if he were a doll to be tossed around.  He carried the look of fear and fascination. “Sweetie” met Regret’s eyes for a moment even in his last breaths he looked at her in contempt.  If she had not loved him so much it would not be hard to feel sorry for him.

“Beda!!! What is the meaning of this!!  You fucking whore tell your people to let me go.  I have not done anything!”  Sweetie shouted.

“Shut your face!” Envy shouted as she back-handed “Sweetie” to the ground and proceeded to kick him in the place where it counted.

Vanity joined in and for several minutes proceeded to physically assault their sister’s lover in ways that could not be described.  Regret turned away because she could not bear to watch.  She brought this all upon her and Sweetie both.

“Enough.” Torment said in a smooth tone. “Get him up” with more of a command.

And just like that the violence stopped.  Beaten beyond repair there “Sweetie” feebly stood.  Knowing how Torment worked, Regret knew that this was not over by a long shot.  There would be more blood and more violence.

“You say did “nothing” wrong.  But you have done everything wrong.  You have used my sister’s beauty for your own gain. You have abused, raped, and tortured her and countless of other women.  Other women I can dismiss.  But you mistreated my sister and with that you shall pay.  You shall pay dearly and from this point on you’ll not be able to harm another woman for the rest of your miserable existence.”

“You’re Beda’s sisters?” Sweetie asked in surprise.  “You are all hot just like her.”

Torment smirked as she removed her gloves letting them fall to the ground, revealing feral like claws for fingers.

“Even in death he is still a pig. Its because of the love you bear for him sister that I will do this quickly.” She laughed as she approached her new victim.

“Torment! Don’t do this!” Regret protested.

“You know my promise sister do not interfere.”

“What does she mean….” Sweetie started..

“Requiescat in pace.” The Twins said in unison.

“Rock-A-Bye-Sweetie.”  Torment cackled as she struck her claws against Sweetie’s bare neck.

Sweetie fell to the ground in a pool of blood. Lifeless.  His eyes wide open with the expression he had seen the most beautiful thing in the world.

©2015 From “The Seven Interlogues”- T.B. Morte


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