Writing Excercise #3.14

Untitled 07/04/2015

When she awoke in the dark there was Shadow.  As if he had always been there by her side. She was not sure where Shadow had  come from or how he came to be.  He was just there and he loved her for what she was.  He told her that many times as she wept.  For Nocta was so broken inside, so hurt that the outside world had condemned her for being different.  Shadow took away Nocta’s  tears along with her remaining innocence a pain that afterwards provided much bliss. Nocta succumbed to the rapture what Shadow provided it became a violence she often craved.  Shadow promised Nocta vengeance that the land of daylight could be forced to bow to the darkness.  The darkness that she provided,  that  what was below could also be above.  All she had to do was believe. To place her trust in Shadow, completely, utterly  and faithfully.

This promise exacted more tears from Nocta, sweet tears as Shadow pierced her skin with objects of steel.  Letting the blood flow into the depths of night.  If those in darkness can bleed so can also those in the light.


2015 © T.B. Morte


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