Ritual Noize- Chapters I-II

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Since there were many  “likes”.  I am posting Chapters 1 & 2.  Please give feedback if you have truly been enjoying what is being presented thus far.


Bone Mama Belle

Ch. I : The Stakes

“I seek the one who will wear the crown and bear the burdens of many.” As Taci gazed at  the crowd of humans that had gathered. Their expressions were all the same- Stonefaced, ashen, and without any hope. In truth there was not much hope for the humans that inhabited the wild planet of Cyberion. With the death of the Monarch the humans of the robot planet were about to become an even more endangered species. Most likely extinction when the Heir-Apparent Alpha takes the throne.

An elderly fellow boldly spoke when the others would not. “Why are you seeking someone to wear the crown? You will not find them here among us.”

It was always the scenario of when one bold voice spoke up is that when others so boldly followed. Another voice spoke a woman whose voice came out in a rough whisper. “The King’s Alpha will take the throne in two weeks time as is the custom.”

“In two weeks it will be the death of us all.” Another voice added this time a younger male.

The younger male’s words echoed and left a lasting impression amongst the crowd. Eyes carried expressions of panic, people reached out for one another to hold in embrace, even small children clung to the legs of their mothers whimpering. Seeing the children’s faces in despair is what cut a heartstring for Taci. They deserved a brighter future than annihilation.

“You have a right to be scared.” Taci answered as she continued.

“Although the last action of King Helion was he made me swear to find the true heir of Cyberion. Not even he wanted his Alpha to have the throne after him.”

“And how can you trust the words of a Robot? Just because he favored you does not mean that he favored the rest of us.” The younger male’s voice asked accusingly.

“Because you idiot- King Helion is and was the only ally we humans ever had. If you can’t comprehend that then you truly are a fool and so is anyone else who foolishly believes that.”

That caused a ruckus amongst the crowd. As tempers flared and voices grumbled, Taci became agitated. This is why she preferred the company of Robots usually less emotion and more action, more cerebral versus emotive. Taci could not believe the planet earth once held billions of these types of individuals. However she had the “wild card” which Taci was counting on to turn the tides.

“The King had me take the Vow of the Covenant!” Taci shouted so that all could hear her.

Then there was complete silence it was as if Taci had triggered a bomb and all were afraid to move else get blown up. Even the children got wild eyed but no longer whimpering. For several moments no one moved nor said anything.

“The Vow of the Covenant is a serious thing.” The woman from earlier spoke.

“Yes it is. And so I must obey the words of the Covenant that the King and I made. I must find the new heir it is the surest way to insure our survival.”

“You have only two weeks to find the new heir. When the King’s Alpha assumes the throne we will all soon be dead.”

“Yes that is true. Glad to see that you all are catching on to what the stakes are. If an heir is not found in time.” Taci remarked.

“What you are asking for, is the humans to be involved in  civil war.”

“There will be war in any case. You think the King’s Alpha won’t have his siblings battling for succession? We can either be on the losing side of this war or on the winning side that choice is up to each of you. But I’m going on the winning side because how I see it- We are damned if we don’t or we are damned if we do. But either way we are all damned.”

“Staiva you are asking us for a lot.”

For a moment Taci grimaced at the use of her formal name. The last being to say it was King Helion on his deathbed. The rawness of such loss Taci had no words for. Although for the sake of the perseverance of her species she had to ignore her grief and tread onward.

“Yes I am because the question is at this time what do we have to lose? Everything. Our entire existence right now hangs in the balance.

I seek one who will wear the crown and bear the burdens of many. Now who will help me find them?”

Ch. II Too Many Vows, Too Many Promises

The steam rose from the bowl of stew and left an allure of delicious smells. Taci could never relish enough that there was now decent meat and other edibles that filled her adopted Mother’s larder. It was the one thing that Taci was able to provide with her earnings from her “entrepreneurial” adventures. Of course obtaining them from neighboring humanoid planets on the black markets costed a fortune but as she savored the delicious smells. Taci knew that it was well worth every monar spent.

What always made Taci frown secretly is that her adopted mother still resided in this rinky houseboat. The same houseboat that Taci grew up in for the last seventeen years. Once this was all said and done Taci planned on getting her adopted parent a decent home. One where we she could have maybe a nice garden, have a couple pets, or finally remarry. Whatever it was that a older woman craved, needed, and never had.

This so Taci promised herself she would do. There were so many promises being made in the last few days she was not able to keep up. Save the world, not die in the process, get your parent a new house, save the world again not die in the process. Mix, rinse, and repeat it seemed. Taci decided to throw away all her impending doom to the wind momentarily and simply enjoy the meal that was in front of her. For it would be her last decent meal for quite some time.

Diving in with her spoon she inhaled the chunks of beef, carrots, tubers, mushrooms, and leeks. The mushrooms and leeks were super expensive to get a hold of but they were so good in the stew. Definitely well worth it. Taci remembered the days where they had so little meat and so little food. The King provided what he could considering that her adopted Mother was one of his favorite servants. But the King was not familiar with the human diet and well he simply did what he could to help provide. When Taci got older and started “working” she changed that. There was always fresh food and bread in the larder no longer almost moldy and stale.

Taking a chunk of soft bread to dip in the stew Taci noticed she had two pairs of eyes gazing at her. Her adopted mother Alteera and her adopted brother Sheeva their matching sea-green eyes eyed Taci almost eerily. Hell they could stare all they want it was not going to stop Taci from eating. This was the last meal she would be having with them for quite some time or possibly ever.

It was almost as if her brother Sheeva had read her thoughts. “Enjoying your final meal there sis.”

Taci eyed her brother a moment as their mother thwacked him across the back of the head.

“Don’t say things like that. Taci is not going anywhere.” Alteera chided.

“Mother. You know she is going. She made a vow, she promised with the covenant.” Sheeva answered while rubbing his head.

“She does not have to go through with it.”

“Not go through with it? And else be considered foresworn? Even more we all die? You know I’m going through with this Mother there is no other choice. The King must be avenged.” Taci fired in.

“Avenged? So this is what this is about? Vengeance will get you killed my child. There are other humanoid planets we can go to where there is refuge. There are ways, Sheeva and I have done it once before. We can do it again.”

“Mother I am not running. I’m not running away while everyone else is subject to slaughter.  I am going to fight.”

“Staiva the King was dying when he had you promise. He was not right in the cybertronix. You cannot be held accountable if you do not go through with this, we can flee.”

“Mother you know she is going to leave. No use in fighting with her.” Sheeva spoke in defense.

Taci looked at Sheeva with his long copper hair and dimples. Taci as much as she hated to admit it will miss her adopted baby brother. Only six years apart in age with Sheeva being 19 and Taci being 25 they were close but often fought as siblings do. You would never think they were not blood related. Sheeva was only two years old when the King had brought the orphaned Taci to Alteera’s doorstep. Once Taci had stepped inside the houseboat for the very first time there she had remained. The three of them had truly become a vagabond family.

Alteera looked at both of her children with sudden sorrow. In the end she also knew that what Sheeva spoke was true. Her only daughter would go on this quest which would take her life to benefit the rest of human populace of Cyberion. And there was nothing she could do about it. Or could she?

“Mother you were once a servant to the King. Surely you must feel something.”

“The King was not a human parent Staiva. I grieve for King Helion but he is sending my only daughter on a fool’s quest. “

Alteera rose from her chair and wrapped her arms around Taci. The scent of vanilla and amber from her Mother danced with aromas of the stew.

“When you come back I want you to find a good man and make children. I want to see some Grandbabies from you.” Alteera’s rough voice demanded as she hugged Taci fiercely.

“I promise Mother.”

“Promise by the Covenant.”

“I promise by the Covenant.”

“This just got serious.”  Taci mused only to herself.

“And this one over here needs to stop trying to make me a Grandmother so soon. Sheeva is quite popular with the ladies.” As Alteera pulled on Sheeva’s ears affectionately.

Sheeva’s expression was as if one who had gotten caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Colors of crimson were beginning to fill those cherub- like cheeks.

Taci reached under the table and pulled out a large pouch. She placed it firmly into Alteera’s hands. Alteera looked at Taci most questioningly.

“That’s 3000 monar it should get you to a safe place. I will get more for you when you give the co-ordinates of where you and Sheeva have gone to.”

Alteera who did not give back the pouch placed arms around both her children. This was one of the hardest things she had to do. No parent should have to go through this. But if her daughter was willing so should she is what Alteera had decided.

“I will keep this monar for emergencies. However if my children stay then I shall also stay.”

“I’m confused.” Taci made it a statement.

“Sheeva will be going with you. You don’t have to be alone in this quest. And before either of you argue against this. Remember that Mothers always have the final say.”

“I cannot guarantee Sheeva’s safety in what lies ahead Mother.”

“But you will die trying to protect him and I know that Staiva, as he will do so for you. I want you to both promise me that you will bring back the other either dead or alive.”

“We promise Mother.” Sheeva and Taci said in unison.

“Promise by what?”

Sheeva grabbed his mother’s hand for his vow would be a little different since they were blood related.

“I promise to do thy bidding blood of my soul”.

“I accept your promise blood of my heart.” Alteera echoed.

Taci grabbed the other hand of her adoptive parent.

“I promise to do thy bidding because the blood of the covenant is stronger than the waters of the womb.”

“By the blood of the Covenant.” Alteera and Sheeva said together.

There were so many promises made. Taci could not help but wonder how many of them in the end would get broken.

©2015 T. B. Morte (Tragedienne BelleenMorte)


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