Intro & Prologue: Ritual Noize

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Greetings Blogging Populace!   I bring forth my newest brain child that is being created in the laboratory.   It’s more on the Sci-Fi/Cyberpunkish side.    Feedback always appreciated.

In The Beginning (Ritual Noize) 03/12/2015

There was something to Staiva Eustacia “Taci” Clary besides her otherworldly appearance. Being an extraterrestrial had nothing to do with the attitude nor the darkness that she carried around like an invisible armor. Taci was sugar and spice with everything that was not nice. One moment she would love you the next she could rip you apart without shedding a tear.

It was her remorselessness that made her intriguing , a visage so exotic it beckons one to step closer into her fire. Taci could enrapture others and she damned well knew it. The key to her survival in a place where truly the strongest and the brightest of minds survived.

The cyber planet of Cyberion was not a happy place. Dark, cold, and void of any human emotion. Yet there was beauty in which you will find nowhere else in the universe. It’s magnificence so obsolete. The land of Cyberion, the planet ruled by robots and machines.

Which is what made Taci so special…
Instead of wires starting an artificial heart.
Warm blood ran through her veins..
Instead of fiber optics and artificial limbs..
She was made of flesh and bone..

Taci Clary was a human who hailed from the planet earth. Not many of her species dwelled in Cyberion, humans or “aliens” as they are called were not welcomed. Yet this one in particular not only lived among the machines but was respected.

In the year of 2342 C.E. (Common Era) the monarchy of Cyberion will come crashing down in civil war. There will be fighting, there will be death, there will be the sound of a thousand machines. Roaring together in bliss in the maelstrom of the storm they will create a ritual noise.

Prologue: Why do Angels Fall 03/15/2015

Tears. Tendrils of human emotion streaked along a very human face. This was the first time in many many years that Staiva Eustacia “Taci” Clary allowed herself to weep. It was a weakness she could not afford to continue to have but was unable to stop herself. And so she cried although having a cyborg- half human and half machine bear witness was something she could have done without.

The cyborg looked stoned face at the weeping figure and helped her up from the corner she had placed herself in. Now was not the time for tears and both cyborg and human knew it.

“The King is dying Taci. You need to go pay your last respects.”

“How can a machine die Valix? He’s a robot for crying out loud. Pull out the bad wires put in new ones. It cannot be that hard. You’re a Doctor in Robot Cyberphysics. So go fix him. ” Taci huffed.

“Actually with the omega core being contaminated with a virus no one on the planet of Cyberion has ever seen. It’s possible. The King is dying now go see him. He has asked to see you.”

Taci did not move from the corner.

“Will you ignore a command from your King?” Valix asked sternly.

Simply pushing Valix out of the way. Taci made her way to the room where they had kept the virus stricken monarch. Robots moved out of her way as she came by as if she were a plague. An action Taci was quite used to. There were those in Cyberion who still thought the humans were a plaguing nuisance.

As she approached the makeshift bed she saw the dying robot. There still in all his cybertronic glory was King Helion the Patriarch of Cyberion. Though King he may have been he was also like the mechanical Father that Taci never had. He took her in as a orphan off the streets of Sy-foon a desolate city in Cyberion and provided her with shelter and the bare necessities a human required.

That was something that Taci would never forget. To see the King like this broke whatever remnants made up her heart. Whoever did this will pay dearly. Taci would make sure of this.

King Helion realized Taci’s presence as his blue cybertronix eyes glowed as they opened. Here lied the only ally the humans had in Cyberion. What was to become of them now? She had secretly wondered.

“Staiva. Come closer.” King Helion said in a monotone manner.

Taci obeyed and reached out to touch the robotic hand. It was cold but despite everything she knew there was also warmth that flowed through that robotic body. Taci knew that this would be the end. That on this night and in this moment the King would die an almost human death.

“I’m dying Staiva.”

“You’re not dying. You just have a virus.”

“No. I am dying. Look at me Staiva, truly look at me”.

Taci looked at King Helion and the sorrow hit her once more. It was true the King was dying his omega core, which is key part of all robots in Cyberion no longer radiated bright blue it grew dark almost black. Taci in all her 25 years had never seen anything like it. The King not waiting for her to speak continued speaking.

“As my life force is coming to an end, there must be a new Monarch to take the throne. “

“That will not be a problem for you have hundreds of children.” Taci interjected.

The King looked at her and continued with fizzled sigh “Staiva, I place upon you a request and you must swear to me that you will see it through.”

“I am yours to command my King.”

“You must go seek my true heir and place them on the throne.”

“What? Is he crazy? This could start civil war.” Taci thought only to herself.

“Your true heir? Your first Alpha will take your place surely.”

“My first Alpha is weak, corrupted, and most likely the fool that did this to me. You will go and find my true heir no matter the cost. Promise me this.”

“I promise.”

“No. Promise me the way that the humans do it. There is a vow you say to one another don’t you?”

This is one of the few rare times that Taci wished she had never exposed the King to human traditions. As she got down on one knee and gently took the King’s robot hand.

“I promise to do thy bidding because the blood of the covenant is stronger than the waters of the womb.”

“By the Blood of the Covenant.” King Helion fizzled.

“By the Blood of the Covenant.” Taci repeated.

Taci got back on her feet in shock. The King was completely serious if the Vow of the Covenant was now involved. How the hell was she supposed to find the true heir of Cyberion?

“How will I know who is the heir ?”

“You will know Staiva because you will be able to see them with your eyes. You will know in your heart and you will know in your mind. Because you as a human know about something that we Robots do not.”

“And what would that be my King?”

“It is Love”. King said as he faded into nothing.

Those were the final words that King Helion ever spoke. Because he died quickly after. He as a Robot spoke about love. And it was on the darkest of nights that Taci knew that angels even in robot form could truly fall.

©2015 T. B. Morte (Tragedienne BelleenMorte)


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