The Fallen Updated

The Fallen 02/09/2015—

When Lucifer fell he did not fall alone. There were many souls that fell with him into the pit between darkness and despair. Twisting, turning, fighting, and clawing, inside pitch so black that fear gleamed. It shined like the brightest of stars it’s claw a demonic phantom teasing with hope. These souls who fell so low grasped on to this hope and clung heaving themselves into paradox. A space betwixt heaven and hell a purgatorial aether never before seen. This unclaimed kingdom now belonged to those who had fallen. Lucifer who bore witness, Lucifer who had also fell. Watched those who came with him survive and become their own Masters.

When Mephistopheles fell from the glories of heaven. His expulsion caused a shift in the world. The skies turned to night, lightning grazed across the ground, leaving it scorched. In the spot where he had fell gathered a shroud of silence that could absorb every living soul. All Mephistopheles could do was weep for he had been casted out by his lord. His actions could not be forgiven he had been swayed by the shining one.

Temptation was something not even an Angel could be swayed from. And so Mephisto fell into temptation so deeply it twisted him, shaped him into something so dark. No light could cleanse him. He was unfit to be in the kingdom of his lord.

And so Mephistopheles followed Lucifer into the depths of the null and void. Weeping openly at what was lost, a sacrifice that was so great only those who fell from paradise would understand. For he was not alone for others of his kind also wept. They embraced him and wept together, for they no longer had a home.

They were left to roam…

They were left to roam..

Lucifer plededged to lead them this he so swore.. As he bade them to follow him to the new kingdom. Through the fields of Nephilim into the lands of the fallen.

It was not just Mephisto who could be counted amongst those who fell from grace. There was also the one who was called Lilith. The lord’s very first version of what was called “woman” and was set to be the human known as Adams’ wife. Lilith was not an angel but a being with power that could rival one. Created with different elements- lust, love, devotion, beauty, fertility, and jealousy. The lord thought in the end Adam needed a more compliant wife. He could not undo what he had created so Lilith was simply casted aside.

Lilith had been casted aside for someone else.

Lilith who was made for someone else’s pleasure.

Lucifer who saw what Lilith could be with guidance. Whispered sweet nothings in her ear with a promise of a love that would last eternally. What the lord wasted he would not if only she would swear her utmost loyalty.
And so Lilith promised and watched herself also fall from paradise. In bitterness she wept not because of what she had lost but of what she had yet to gain.
©2015 T.B. Morte


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