The Fallen- Random Shortie

A sudden moment of inspiration.  Please enjoy the selection.


BoneMama Belle

The Fallen

“When Lucifer fell he did not fall alone. There were many souls that fell with him into the pit between darkness and despair. Twisting, turning, fighting, and clawing; inside pitch so black that fear gleamed. It shined like the brightest of stars it’s claw a demonic phantom teasing with hope. These souls who fell so low grasped on to this hope and clung heaving themselves into paradox. A space betwixt heaven and hell a purgatorial aether never before seen. This unclaimed kingdom now belonged to those who had fallen. Lucifer who bore witness, Lucifer who had also fell. Watched those who came with him survive and become their own masters.”

© 2015 T.B. Morte


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