Æquoris – A new story

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Sometimes you get inspiration from out of nowhere.  Then there are other times where a friend comes to save the day when you’re stuck in a writing rut.  This piece is exactly that,  a friend suggested the story idea to me and this was formed in the cauldron.  I am not promising a full novel with this story idea.  I am literally taking the approach of “Steady as she goes”.   Its a flash fiction piece and intended to be a one-shot story (the intent I repeat).  I would like to thank my wonderful friend the Red Egret for her editing assistance.  I hope you all enjoy the piece and please give feedback.



Bone Mama Belle


Æquoris 09/20/2014

For two centuries the curse had plagued the land. The land was dying and not just of famine and plague. Two generations if not more had struggled to contain it. The people of Aleris were teetering on the edge of losing hope. There were too few magicians being born fast enough to help fight the ongoing battle. For every one hundred people born, just one Magian was born amongst them.


The Magian were the sorcerers, the spell casters, the soothsayers, and those that were considered magically adept. They were in most places respected and revered. However, in some cases they were mocked and scorned. The title of Magian brought along with it a great power and also a responsibility. Yet a Magian could choose to walk on the path of the light or that of the shadows.


Those that walked on the rays of light were called “Lucio”, often fair haired and beauty so angelic it was considered to be ethereal. They often had their Magian pendants made with either diamonds or the purest platinum. The Magian that were not the followers of the light were called “Moros”. Usually dark or red haired, and they too were considered beautiful. An otherworldly beauty, that was described often as cold, calculating, and deadly. The pendants of the Moros were made of onyx and darker toned gemstones, so that one knew to avoid them.


Every adult in Aleris wore a pendant, as part of the caste system that was developed so long ago. Hardly anyone alive these days remembers the history that far back. Just as the historians have been struggling to find records on how the plague how was started. It is said that it was a very powerful Moros witch who cursed the land’s water supply. The curse was revenge on her equally powerful Lucio lover who had scorned her.


Since the curse has struck the land Lucio Magian’s used all their magical talents to purify the water. Yet there are still casualties due to the fact that a Lucio was also an elementii: one whose magic associated with a particular element: earth, air, fire, and water. Most Lucio’s were elementii of earth, air, and fire, not so many were born with the powers of water. With the lack of water elementii being born among the Lucio. The land was dying, where grass gleamed the most green now decaying. Animals, which were once fat and plentiful, were now scarce and bony.



When all efforts to removed the curse had been tried, the people of Aleris looked to their Monarch for guidance. The King, new to throne, decided to go along an unorthodox path. So dangerous was it that he was advised he could lose the crown if his plan were to fail. The new King felt that since it was a Moros witch who cast the blight then it would take Moros witch to undo the curse; a Moros witch who happened to be born with the powers of water.

©2014 T.B. Morte


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