The Snow Garden (New Fairy Tale Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


Here is a second helping preview of “When Once Upon A Dream”.  This is another poem.  The particular piece is indeed based off of Snow White.  It’s a POV from the Evil Queen when Snow White is still a child.  Its supposed to be poem that gives you chills as  you read.  Lets hope I was successful 🙂



Bone Mama Belle


The Snow Garden 08/10/2014

I see you playing in the garden,

full of innocence,

beaming the radiance,

of a perfect child,


Lips red as the rose,

Hair black as ebony,

Skin white as snow,


You are a beauty,

As far as looks would go,


Should I be jealous?


That one day your beauty,

could one day overpower mine?


The day will come,

when the populace will no longer speak of the Queen,

but boast of Snow White,


Or should I school you now,

in the price you will pay,

For the vanity you will inherit,


Shall I be cruel?

Or should I be most kind?


Neither choice will earn your love,

Not that I want your affections,


I crave your fear,

as well as your despair,

And ultimately your beauty,


Lips red as the rose,

Hair black as ebony,

Skin white as snow,


So I will watch you play in the garden,

As a wolf watches a doe,

Waiting for the moment to strike,

which will be years to come,


Then everyone will see,

Who really is the fairest of them all. © T.B. Morte 


From the Collection : “When Once Upon A Dream ” ©  T.B. Morte 2014


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