500 word Flash Fiction (Via Writer’s Group)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


This is a writing excercise from my writer’s group.  It is headed by notable upcoming Steampunk Author Marie Nelson.  My brain struggled to come up with a proper title.  Yet I hope you will enjoy the piece nonetheless.  It’s a short story consisting of 500 words only.  Feedback as usual is appreciated if you are brave enough to leave it 😉



Bone Mama Belle


Sasha 05/01/2014

He had enjoyed ten years of being totally irresponsible. And he had enjoyed every single moment of the freedom that came along with it. For he was able to be for once master of his own fate. If he wanted to take a woman to bed he could do it, hell if he wanted to take more than one woman to bed. Then he could do that as well. Yet Sasha could not ignore this summons even if he wanted to.

As he stared at the parchment that dropped from his fingertips. Ten years was a long time for him to form a new identity and a new life. Sasha was not sure how they could have found him after all this time. A decade should have given ample opportunity for people to have forgotten who he was.
There were many things that he could have done to remain in ignorant bliss. Yet ignoring a summons from the Crown was not one of them. The request was simple yet profound. To disobey the Queen was death, but to do the Queen’s bidding could also be death. Sasha was a dead man walking.

The words as clear as day appeared even bigger under the glow of candlelight. He knew that the manuscript belonged to the Queen. She had a certain style when it came to her handwriting.


“Vengeance be thy name.”
“Vengeance be thine says the lady.” Sasha had said to himself.


So the monarch needed something done and decided to summon an expert. Sasha was efficient in many many things. A connoisseur of poisons, dabbler of alchemy, covert of espionage, and keeper of secret knowledge. But what he was the best at was the taking of life. He had it down to a art form.


One thing that Sasha learned while being in seclusion. Was that some things that you learn will never leave you. It is that way with being an Assassin, it stays with you, interred into your bones quite literally.


For god he will return to the rays of light,
For Queen he will leave a trail of the dead,
For country he will rise from the shadows,
For love he will bid farewell to irresponsibility.
Sasha approached the doors of his secret closet and stared with desire. Even in the dark his sword gleamed brightly. The blade calling to him like a sweet song. Now that he saw it he had to hold it once again.

“Old friend.” He whispered.

Just once more he will don the Assassin’s cloak. He hoped this would be a quick and simple job. So that he can return to the life of anonymity that he worked so hard to create. Sasha vowed that he would come back to this.

Vengeance says the lady,
Revenge will be thine,
My lady’s will,
Is the request to kill,
Her brand of justice,
Carried ever so swift,
Yet without mercy,
I am the judge,
I am the jury,
I am the executioner.

©2014 T.B. Morte




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