New Story (By the stars and the moon)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

So recently I have rediscovered the greater joys of writing short stories.  We are still determining whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  This newly scribed piece is a side story that takes place in the universe of my novel “Human Skin”.  This story involves a  side character one Briony Kiersakova.  Who happens to be the concubine of the main Protagonists’ Father.  In the main novel you’ll find Briony a catty and most overbearing individual.  In this piece you will come to find that there is more than meets the eye.

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Bone Mama Belle

By the Stars and the Moon 03/28/2014

She had wondered what a star felt like it when finally died. Not that she could fathom the notion, or possibility, that a star could actually die. All that power–just gone in a simple flash, instantly; the eternal brightness being replaced by an empty void. Briony didn’t want to think what it would be like to be without a position of power ever again. She knew what it felt like to be in that void. Nowadays, she and her sister shined like the brightest of stars.

Tonight was the first night of the Noumenalia, festival of the Moon goddess Selene. It was celebration of the story of the Moon goddess Selene, waking up from the world of night to guard the earth, giving her brother the sun god Helios a chance to sleep. Briony had always enjoyed the night-time; she remembered her mother saying that the night was “The time of ladies”. Instead of being out in public and attending the parade, Briony chose to spend time in solitude in the Gardens of Valdryn. The gardens were known for their dark beauty, which not everyone had access to. They belonged to Lord Caesarion Starflower and certain members of his family.

Briony had the privilege of gaining access because of her position as a chief concubine to Lord Starflower, which position she shared with her darling sibling, Zinna–just as they shared nearly everything. They had the same parents, same man, and even the same looks. Taking a break from her normal “shared” routine, Briony was enjoying solitude with just the company of the moon.

Tonight her thoughts traveled outward like a vast web. She thought of her mother who was long dead buried in a grave in the city of Poroven, from whence she and Zinna hailed. Poroven was a city located in the far north of the Northern Realm; a city where there were fewer rich people and more of the poor. Briony also thought of her sister Zinna, whom she had already spent a lifetime taking care of. Sometimes it was an overwhelming task, but at this point Briony could not picture herself doing anything else; for she loved Zinna more than anyone in the world, and her younger sister knew it.

It was the reason why Briony tolerated people mumbling under their breath, calling her “whore”; the reason why she never sought revenge for being sneered at by her fellow Feydred. She wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill concubine who sold her wares to anyone with a piece of shiny coin; she was Mistress to the Keeper of the Realm, the most powerful man in the Northern Realm. So, in turn, she had some power, as did Zinna.

The current job situation was far less messy than her previous job, and less morally compromising. Plus, she was able to protect and provide for the sister she promised to look after.

“I love you too much, my sister,” Briony said out loud to no one but the Moon.

She remembered the night of her Mother’s passing, the city of Poroven having been struck by plague ten years previous. They were too poor and too young to get their Mother proper medicine. Briony remembered how she was beckoned to the deathbed of her parent–cold, hungry, and scared, but dutifully obeying her Mater’s last wish.

“Promise you’ll watch over Zinna always. She’s not as strong as you,” Briony’s mother whispered.

“I promise, Mama,” Briony said as she wept.

“Promise me by what? Promise me by something you love.”

“I promise by the stars and the moon,” Briony promised.

As if snapping out of a dream, Briony felt the tears that were rolling down her face. She carefully wiped them away and looked up at the sky, realizing that she strode too far down memory lane; but Briony was glad that only the moon was able to see her moment of weakness.


©2014 T. B. Morte


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