Iced Hearts (Another Oldie Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

In the effort of trying to recapture “Sylphie” (yes my muse has a name) my poetic muse.  I am posting another older poem.  This gem came from a night of female scorn.  Hell hath  no fury like poet who has felt Cupid’s prickly quiver.  Enjoy the following selection  🙂

Pax Vobiscum,


 Iced Hearts 12/30/2005
My heart has been shattered,
my walls are being repaired. 

I’ll build the fort stronger so that you’ll no longer get in.

This is my body,

this is my blood,

no longer your temple. 

Find your worship elsewhere .

Isolation covered the snowstorm,

as bitterness solaces my heart.

These storm of swords obliterated your houses of daggers,

 My army defeated the beasts within,

 My crown encased in ice ,  

touch it I dare.

My venom treacherous as dragons flames,

drink and beware. 

Your pretty poison covered in ribbons and lace, 

 Your rejection one tragic disgrace. 

Visages smitten with evil,

how it was all your choice. 

 This is my soul,

this is my darkness,

no longer your salvation.

A guidance against the beams of radiant light.

Your torment,

your everlasting plague,

In the end you are left alone,

to serve the shame.

©2005 Tragedienne Belle Morte  from the Collection: “When Snowflakes Fall”



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