Aradian Moon (A Poetic Response/Oldie)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

This particular poem, was inspired from a song from a little known group called Aemsa Daeva  (highly recommended group) the song that inspired me is titled “Artemis”.   This prose is  a (PR) (Poetic Response) It’s about the Greek Goddess Artemis, just in her darker form hence the name “Aradia”.   I am hoping this will inspire me to write some *new* poetry this weekend.    Please enjoy the selection below 🙂


Aradian Moon  (PR) 10/27/2007

Dearest Daughter,
I accept your sacrifice, as cruel as it may be,
Invoked by your grace, Love has bid me,
To embrace your song, May the winds
touch thy barren womb.

Virgins step upon my Altar,
To become Darkness reborn,
Under moonlit skies, beneath the shadows,
Lies my hidden throne.

Embrace the art of letting go,
For I implore Thee, For I love Thee.

Awashed with anger and regret,
All will tremble as my feet touch shore,
Worship my voice only, Trust it as you would,
Trust your own.

On the fields of Elysian, we will meet once more,
And you will never be alone, My love is the double-edged
sword, sun-kissed warm and frostbitten cold.

Love only me, And I shall slay thine enemies,
Need only me, And I will show you paths to glory.

All Hail, Aradia-Diana, the Dark Mother,
My wolves will come to aid thee, if need be,
Praise, Aradia-Diana, for the weak, shows
no mercy.

~~Inspired by the song (Artemis) by: Aesma Daeva

©2007 From The Collection “Bella Fortuna di Vida”
Tragedienne Belleen Morte


2 thoughts on “Aradian Moon (A Poetic Response/Oldie)

  1. This poem is enchanting. I especially like the line, “My love is the double-edged
    Sword, Sun-kissed warm and frostbitten cold.” What a poignant way to express the humanistic aspect of love. Because love is just that, it can be both sweet and bitter. Well written!

    Spencer D.

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