Rubicon (An Older Poem)

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Just finished scribbling down a rough draft for a new short story.  And I’m in the mood to possibly write some more new poetry.  So I’m raiding the vaults because it can be fun sometimes.

A poem I wrote three years ago.  Feedback and thoughts are appreciated 🙂

Rubicon 08/07/2010

I stand across this great river, my judgement hath been made.  The decisions of others, leads me to this tremendous moment.

For I am alone, a component Legion made of one intrepid soul.  My footing placed firmly on solid ground, I step into the forboding river’s flooded waters.

Knowing whats at stake, do I dare attempt to look back? Shall I tread forward towards the  welcoming waves?   Wading forward, the crashing of the impact.

Strikes the very essence of my soul, as memories sear my very core.

Today for the first time I walked tall,

I was someone else’s sibling,

I was a wailing mother’s child,

I’ve been called, drama, chaos, and disorder,

I was someone’s lover,

Someone loved me once,

I was an object of power,

Now powerless,

Casting aside otherworldly matters,

I cross this Rubicon into nothing and beyond.

©2010 Tragedienne Belle Morte



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