Possible Upside to FanFiction?

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

I know there are those out there that are leery of Fan Fiction.  Don’t like it.  Won’t write it.  Won’t read it.  Basically they wouldn’t touch it  with a ten foot quill or the area that surrounds it.   For those that are not familiar with it.   You are probably wondering what the heck is it?  Is it fiction from a fan of something?  Why yes that’s absolutely correct!  By George you’re spot on with the guessing.

In accordance to Webster’s Dictionary the official *definition* of Fan Fiction is as follows:

Definition of FAN FICTION

: stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Internet —called also fan fic,
Now I don’t write fan-fiction myself because I like to think my originality should be displayed anywhere and everywhere.  But I have read the fan fic works of other writers and given input .  I suppose guilty as charged?   With that in  mind I have seen some series have some amazing fan fiction where the creativity  was so in sync with the original writer.  You almost couldn’t tell the difference between fan and author.  There is also the downward cycle of fan fiction where the writing made you question not only sanity but you wonder if ever printed how much damage it could do to the actual series.  Like any form of creative media fan fiction has it good sides and bad sides.  There are those out there that feel that Fan Fiction is not original work and that someone out there is copying an existing idea.  Piggy backing off an Author’s hard work basically.    Which is a valid argument to an extent.  But who hasn’t written a short story about their favorite thing?  Are we not all fans of something?  Fan Fiction may not be an original story but original ideas do come forth.   Think of it this way.  For Authors that  take part of those anthologies that handle the retelling or creating their own version of a “Myth” or “Fairy Tale”.   Is that not a form of fan fiction in of itself?  Food for the thought process.   This is all just my personal sixpence on the subject.  Before we knock fan fiction, I think we as Authors need to look back to our own orgin.  We all had to start from somewhere at Point Zero.  Who knows perhaps when my novel is successfully published I may be concerned if I see “Human Skin” fan fiction pop-up.  But knowing how hard it was to get on “Writer’s Row” I will at least look at it with an open mind and a humbled heart.
Bone Mamma Belle

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