New Poem

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

The Explanation:  So I started attending the Ouroboros Cycle Chats last week.  Its a chat hosted by Steampunk Icon Mr. G.D. Falksen via LiveStream.  This poem was based on the recent adventurings of Mr.  Falksen where he was in Australia and he encountered a Cassowary.  As an amateur bird-watcher this did hold some sentimental value for me. Mr. Falksen explained this on Livestream where he has been reading and doing some Q&A from his “Ouroboros Cycle” series. The title “The Green Egg” comes from the fact that Cassowary egg’s are a bright green color.

The Green Egg 08/16/2013

The air carries an aura of quiet.
Prints of various beasts mark the ground.
Its all here in the jungle.
Underneath the palm fronds.
I seek the most elusive.
Along the river’s stream.
You can see the bright gleam.
Of what lies hidden in the mists.
An egg of most green.

©2013 Tragedienne Belle Morte


Bone Mamma Belle



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