The Journey Thus Far

Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Today was Epic…

That’s simply describing of currently a thousand different emotions that flooding through my entire being.  I’m scared, weepy, happy, excited, hyper, you name it Hero is feeling it.  Why you may ask?  Well today the first ever caricature of my main character was officially drawn.  And not to toot my own horn or anything but my Krysanthe came out simply stunning.

The wonderful artist Samantha Cannon breathed life into what so far  existed only in my head.  Remember her name folks she’s going to be famous soon enough most likely.

You see for the last 12 months I have devoted all of my free time into my novel (tenatively titled) “Human Skin”.  Yeah sure its been planned in my head and executed onto paper but to a drawing of your character where so far you’ve only used words to describe her 38,772 words and counting (28 Chapters) to be exact.   The feeling is overwhelming.  I’m sure fellow writers can nod in acknowledgement of what I speak as if to say “Been there”.

This has been a very emotional journey for me writing this novel.  There have been up & downs in both professional and personal life,  major health crises , a major surgery etc.  I have walked down the path of hell and so far little redemption but today was a defining moment for me.

It’s official I’m writing a novel.  And not just any old Novel, a Fantasy Novel.  An Epic Borderlining Steampunk Fantasy novel.  I come from the school of  Tolkien hard knocks, I’m following the formula to hopeful success,  we have the Hero, The Villains, Supporting Cast of Misfits, and one pretty interesting Quest on the horizon. The world of Aerith is as complex as “A Song of Ice & Fire” but much more simplified because I’m sure as hell no George R. R. Martin of awesomeness.

But Human Skin is definite something unique…

I look forward to end of this journey and I hope the world enjoys it with me.




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