What Exactly is “Human Skin”?

Tragedienne Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

The burning question everyone wants to know.  Been cooking in the cauldron since May of 2012, my novel-in-progress is exactly that.  “A Novel-In-Progress.”  Now I understand that I may be doing this somewhat in a backwards fashion.  Posting an excerpt before explaining what the heck it actually is, but who says the way I roll ever resembles any form of order?  I was pursued to write a novel because a very close friend of mine thought I had what it takes to do so.  At first I was very reluctant, writing poetry and articles is no big thing after doing it for more than a decade.  Writing a novel is an entirely different ball of wax, and after writing 21 Chapters, I can say it’s easy to boast but hard to actually accomplish.

Out of the ashes came the voice of the main character “Krysanthe” and it burned so strong I could not resist to form the web of her early storyline.

“Human Skin” is the story of “Krysanthe Starflower” a human 22 year old who was raised among the Fey folk.  In her world she is considered an outcast, although her family are the ruling family of her town.  Even in her family she’s the definite “Black Sheep”,  Krysanthe was living a dull life and doing what was expected from her.  Until one day she is informed she is being “relocated” to a human settlement in another city far away.  This changes everything for our heroine,  which triggers some would say a “midlife crisis”.  Nothing is the same for Krysanthe, and everything she was taught to believe will come into question, because nothing is as what it appears to be.

Krysanthe’s world is set in 2212 A.D. 200 years after the Ice Age came and went.  So I am playing along the lines of the End World did happen in 2012, exception it wasn’t the end of the world just an unforseen Ice Age.  Those who survived were a special group of humans called the Otherkin, those who believe they share traits of animals (i.e. Wolves, Tigers, etc), and magical races (Fey, Vampire, etc ).  That’s describing the Otherkin in a nutshell to describe it fully would make one’s head hurt trust me when I say this. There are humans that survived but the ratio is 10:1, ten otherkins to one human.  The world is technology based but they are starting over, so it isn’t futuristic nor is it completely medieval either.

Some would say that “Human Skin” is a Urban Fantasy Quest, some will say it could be the Urban Fantasy Coming-Of-Age for the 20-30 something crowd. I would say that it could be a little of both.  You will come to love Krysanthe or you will dislike her, my goal is make you the readers want to not stop reading about her period.

Lets hope the mission gets accomplished.


Bone Mamma Belle


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