Reviews Ye Don’t Say? Part II

Tragedienne Omnibus S.P.D.

This is actually the very first review I have ever done on Amazon.  Normally I don’t do reviews on amazon, but as a part of expanding my horizons.  I decided to jump on this particular chariot.  Plus I actually find Ms. Emma Kathryn an amazing writer, it goes to show we Harley Quinn ( Joker’s sidekick NOT the Romance novels) gals have some skills.

Here is my very first review below the deck.

Puppets & Dolls by Emma Kathryn

A Pleasant Surprise out of Gotham

By: Tragedienne Belle Morte

Emma Kathryn does an amazing thing with such a short novella. Not only does she make you as the reader want to know the finer nuances of each story. She also makes you as the reader want more content. When I finished “Puppets & Dolls” I was sad to see it end. What the author has successfully done was present Dark Noir of a Fantasy landscape and make it believable.

Ms. Kathryn presents classic Fairy tales and Modern Fantasy elements, and spins them in a completely new way. Albeit dark, macabre, but still wonderful in a intoxicating fashion. With stories such as “Tidal” where the love story of a Dryad and Kelpie is described. Two elements of Earth and Water meeting but can never truly be together. And my personal favorite “Clowns All Around You” an ode to the character “Harley Quinn” from the Batman series. You can tell that Emma Kathryn did her homework when she was writing this masterpiece.

This book was a wonderful read, I recommend it definitely for those who enjoy reading in the “Dark”.


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