Reviews Ye Don’t Say? Part. I

Tragedienne Omnibus S.P.D.

This is something that I need to do more of, except when you work 40 + hours a week and trying to write a novel.  Where is the time for it?  I did a couple reviews for an Author I met on Twitter.  She’s a delightful gal and a fellow HarleyQuinn fan, you know what they say ,birds of a broken feather stick together :D.  My reviews can be found on amazon under the author Emma Kathryn just look for Tragedienne Belle Morte.

(See Below the deck)




Glitter & Trauma by: Emma Kathryn

All that Glitters Can Sometimes be Gold

By:Tragedienne BelleMorte

After reading “Puppets & Dolls” I have been aching to read more work from Emma Kathryn. So I was ecstatic to find that she had written a second novella. Action packed, and very well written. Although this feels like a second part should be added on the story. The story also works as a stand alone piece. Ms. Kathryn definitely wraps up this jewel quite nicely and offers a delightful “black bow” on top of it. Not a novel for the mainstream but if you’re looking for something dark, action packed, and a smashing good read. Just follow the glitter bricked road.


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