Excerpt From the” Franken Monster”

From my upcoming novel “Human Skin” .  Will post more of a detailed explanation after some R.E.M. that means sleep for you normal folk 😛

Chapter II (Where the Garden is Forever Winter)

She had been coming to this place since before she could remember.  And it had never changed in its desolate beauty.   Where the  grass looks as if kissed by frost, the lake deep and crystal blue, flowers that bloomed in the colors of only snow white and bluish hues.  The only sound that could be heard was the songs of the Swans that occupied the lake, as they sang to one another in their own mysterious language.  Most gardens usually aren’t built with a lake, however this was no ordinary garden. This was the sanctuary of her Father, and like everything else in the Northern Realm, this too was shaped to his own will.

Her father often referred to this place as his “Nightmare Heaven”, a  phrase which Krysanthe herself never understood.  How can something so beautiful ever could be a nightmare?  How can a nightmare be considered a heaven? Its two worlds colliding that made no sense, unless the view is something so beautiful could transform into a nightmare.  Ye gods even the garden she didn’t want to leave.

StarShire was the only home Krysanthe had ever known.   Every nook, cranny, and even the gloomy garden of her father’s sanctuary was considered “Home.”  Why her parents decided to have her relocated to a human settlement still set fire to her veins and a wrath that could not be easy quelled.

Case in point speaking of parents.  Krysanthe walked ahead of the sentry guards who escorted Krysanthe  to her Sire and pushed away her angry thoughts.  For her lord Father had requested a private audience with her, such request considered a rarity for Krysanthe in all of her twenty-five years of existence.  So with annoyance she pushed away thoughts of anger and revenge, and made room for clarity instead.   There in the throne-like gazebo awaited her father and not alone.  With him were Briony & Zinna   his twin concubines,  so much alike they were in appearance with their long ice blonde hair and matching violet eyes.  It was true what Jareth the wolf prince had teased, the fey-kin had no problems having several lovers.  No qualms even if married even if you happen to be the ruling family.  Not that it bothered her mother of her father’s debauchery,  Kryanthe’s  mother often boasted that it had taken two women to replace her.   And the fact that it was common knowledge Lady Starflower had a lover or two of her own didn’t hurt such said situation either.

The guards as customary announced her arrival and as customary she prepared  to curtsey.

“Lord Taliesin “Caesarion” Starflower, Keeper of the Northern Realm presented to you the Lady Cymbeline “Krysanthe” Starflower.” The guard had said for there were no other titles to add to Krysanthe’s name.

Krysanthe promptly curtsied.

“Salve, Father.” Krysanthe said aloud.

“Salve, Daughter.” Lord Caesarion replied.

It was customary to use Latin greetings in the Northern Realm, after the Ice Age and the rise of Otherkin many books on Roman History were discovered and considered treasures.  The Romans were a great people and Krysanthe’s ancestors looked up to them oddly enough.  And before another word could be spoken Krysanthe said farewell to all mental clarity.

“How could you do this to me?!?” Krysanthe screamed in rage.

Krysanthe stopped herself realizing what she had did, it was basically the ultimate sin.  She had screamed at her father, and even worse in front of witnesses.  She wondered who would be killed first, her for screaming at him or the witnesses for having had the unforeseen circumstance of witnessing her doing it.  As it was apparent that fortune was not in her favor as of late,  most likely Krysanthe who would not be leaving the garden alive.  The air took on a more silent aura, the guards stared at her pure disbelief.  The “twins” Briony & Zinna stared at her in pure horror.

“Did you just scream at your Father?” Briony asked.


“I’m not answering her, I’m not answering her, I’m not answering her .”  Krysanthe chanted inside her head.

“If you’re done being impetuous.  Perhaps you’ll see the reasons that are right in front of your face.” Lord Caesarion stated.

“You’re being cryptic as always Father.”  Krysanthe replied.

“Someone is being very brave today.”  Zinna said snarkily.

With much swiftness her hand reached up and grabbed Zinna by her beautiful ice blonde hair.  Forcing the captured maiden to look up at Krysanthe, what Zinna had saw was cold rage and nothing less.

“You think because you have a place in my father’s bed that it protects you.  Guess what it doesn’t if you and your twin don’t mind keep your shallow and vapid thoughts inside your empty heads.  This is between me and Lord Caesarion.”  Krysanthe screamed as she fought off Briony who was trying to hit her.

“Changeling!”  Briony shouted at Krysanthe.

“KRYSANTHE!”  Lord Caesarion roared fiercely as a lion.

Frozen up out of pure fear she released Zinna, but mentally kept note of what Briony called her.  “Changeling” was considered a racial slur these days, what was a term for a baby stolen by faeries is now the word for someone who was human with fey-kin parents.    How she would remember this day and Briony will eventually get hers karma usually was a harsh mistress that way.  What Krysanthe had to worry about now was far scarier than a vapid concubine.

“Krysanthe, let’s take a walk.” Lord Caesarion said coldly.

And as father and daughter walked in tandem rhythm, Krysanthe screamed, wailed, and gave every reason why she should not be relocated to the human settlement.  She even used every reason she could from plots conspired by her mother to not knowing enough about Human History.  Lord Caesarion would not be swayed by his daughter’s reasons.  He stopped suddenly and looked at her, his eyes carried a wonder about them as if he were seeing her for the very first time.

“Krysanthe, you are being given an opportunity to start over somewhere anew.  You cannot even tell me what plans you have for your future.  Because you know there is no future for you here in Wyvren or any part of the Northern Realm for that matter.  You cannot thrive here with the Fey-kin, because you are not Fey-born.  This is being done for your own survival, can you not see that? Or are you that blind?”  Lord Caesarion screamed in equal rage.

His words had stopped Krysanthe dead cold, she had never seen her Father scream.  Lord Caesarion was usually a cold man who never showed emotion, what the ancient Romans would call “stoic”.  It was the truth, and in this case the truth indeed hurt.  It hurt so bad it had paralyzed all of Kryanthe’s logical thought process.

“Father listen to me please , I beg of you.”  Krysanthe whispered.

Lord Caesarion eyed his daughter with ice  “Beg? A Starflower begs to no one.” as he continued.

“You need to be with the humans, because you are human.  You need to be with your own kind.”  Lord Caesarion said quietly and he stalked away his boots crunching on the frostkissed grass.

Krysanthe’s knees fell to the ground  her world dimming more in light.  The wintery garden became shrouded in more darkness.

©2012 Tragedienne Belle Morte  All Rights Reserved


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