Bring a Smile yet Carry a Shovel

Tragedienne Omnibus S.P.D.

As I am sure that it’s a requirement these days to introduce oneself these days.  The name is Tragedienne (Tragedy-Anne) a cute gothically styled word play for Raggedy-Anne. Is it a alias I go by?  Of course! My real name is rather drab and boring.  It does not bring shivers to the skin nor does it wake the blood. Nothing, zilch, nil, absolutely nada.

Who is Tragedienne?

A 30 something (Early 30-something btw) who is a Gothic Writer/Poet, Fantasy Art Collector, Nightmare Before Christmas Fanatic, Lives on BBC,  Loves Shoes,  A Song of Ice & Fire Fanatic , Canasta Player,  Classical Literature-aholic, The Wayward Offspring of the Celts & Romans,  most importantly always keeping it Spooky the mantra to my life.  The Hero, The Angry Bunny, The White Queen who goes a little Red, Supposed Walking-Chaos, Loveable, Envied, Definitely Fun-Loving, Doom Princess. In a nutshell a very muti-faceted individual.

Residing in the state of the desert sun (Arizona) with a roommate and my cats. Slightly nomadic, a traveler, I see the world not through rose-colored glasses.  But many varying colors that borderline on the “Dark.”

I write, usually poetry and article writer for the YahooVoices Network (although not recently) however I’ve taken up the gig of novel writing. “Human Skin” is my Novel-In-Progress.  After thirteen years of writing I’ve decided that I want to truly “live the dream” as they say.  So I’ll be posting a couple sample chapters, poetry, and other dreamscapes that come from Laboratory.  Stay tuned for the habadashery of good times to be had by all.

Stay tuned, grab a shovel, and come play in the Garden.

Keep it Spooky,

Tragedienne (Keeper of the Bones)


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